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  • Heat And Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves

    Heat And Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves

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    Do you hate when you get burned while grilling?

    Our Heat And Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves will protect your hands and forearms from high temperatures and cuts. The secret is in 3 layers of different materials and functions.

    First layer: Non-toxic silicone for skid resistance. Second layer: Ultra-high strength deyan aramid fiber for high heat, cut, acid and alkali resistance. Third layer: Polyester cotton for double protection & comfortable.

    You Grill We Protect


    CUT AND HEAT-RESISTANT – These gloves withstand temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. EN 407 certified. Protect your hands and forearms from burns and cuts with these extra long, 14-inch gloves.  Insulated by M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID fabrics(same as Nomex and Kevlar), will not catch fire or melt when exposed to an open flame.

    ANTI-SLIP & FLEXIBLE – Our heat resistant BBQ gloves are covered with Food Grade Silicone to ensure your object would not slip from your hands. The separate fingers enable you move more comfortable and flexible. They allow you possible to hold different kinds of hot and slick kitchen item safely and stably.

    COTTON AND ARAMID FIBER – Slip your claws into the real cotton liners and feel the power of the 100% high-tech Aramid woven exterior. Aramid is a synthetic polymer designed for fire jackets and body armor. Gloves are thick but lightweight and flexible with super-grip.

    EASY TO CLEANEasy to clean, machine washable with handy hook for hanging, made from the highest quality materials that are made to last. Just throw them in the washer, and they’re ready to go. Our gloves are light while still being maximally insulated. The knitted material lets your skin breath, so your hands stay dry and cool inside, even while you grab hot plates.

    EXTENDED WRIST GUARD – Our heat and cut resistant BBQ gloves are equipped with Ultra-long wrist guard. It will keep your hands, wrists and forearms all be safer.

    BARBECUES AND COOKING FOODAll in one barbecue gloves, oven mitts or pot holders, enjoy great success in the kitchen whether you’re a professional chef, avid griller or an amateur home cook. Easily handle the campfire, fire pit or fireplace.

    No matter how manly your hands are, sometimes you’ve got to have gloves on—around the outdoor grill, your kitchen oven, or the fireplace. For those times, BBQ  gloves are the best. With heat resistance up to 932 Fahrenheit, you’ll be safe from cuts and burns. These gloves are made from cut and wear-resistant Aramid fiber, blended with a soft cotton interior for the ultimate combination of safety and comfort.

    Heat And Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves

    Aramid fiber is the same kind of synthetic polymer that things like Kevlar body armor and the fire-proof jackets that firemen wear are made of. It’s really tough, it wears well, and it has amazing heat-resistance properties.

    We designed these BBQ Grill Gloves to be extra-long because we understand the struggle of burning our forearms on hot stuff around the grill, and we don’t want that to happen to you. You may actually end up using these just as much in the kitchen as you do outdoors because they work a lot better than hot pads for taking hot dishes out of the oven or grabbing that oven grate to pull it out or push it in. Plus, they don’t have little pink frogs on them like the hot pads in your kitchen.

    Instead, they have red silicone flames for the ultimate grip. These are perfect for using those grill-top vegetable pans, which get hot over your charcoal grill (especially when you have to pick up the basket to flip the veggies or dump them on a plate). Try doing THAT with a fork and a set of tongs. But, if you want to lift a hot grate out of your kettle grill or grab a hot burning log in your backyard fire, and look like a boss doing it, these are the gloves for you.

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    Two Gloves Included In One Package